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Notification for the Creation of Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) ID

Dear Students

      As you are aware, the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) has been set up by the University Grants Commission (UGC) as an educational digital platform created to facilitate students' seamless mobility between or within degree-granting Higher education institutions through a formal system of credit recognition, accumulation, transfers and redemption to promote distributed and flexible teaching and learning. The Digilocker, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, as a digital depository, shall keep the academic awards in digital format, ensure data integrity, and act as a technical partner of UGC in the National Academic Depository (NAD) /ABC scheme.

        Now, the creation of the ABC-ID is mandatory for all the students who are studying in the UG to keep their records updated on the digital platform. You are therefore advised to take the initiative to create ABC-ID on your own. It is mandatory for newly admitted and old students who have not created and submitted their ABC-ID while submitting UG Semester-II and IV Examinations, 2023 forms.

       For the videos of the detailed process of creation of ABC-ID, go through the TAB named 'ABC-ID' on the college website.




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