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Dept.of Chemistry

  1. Resolutions Adopted in the departmental meeting held on 29.06.2020. For details Click Here.
  2. Notice for Internal assessment in Chemistry for 6th Sem (Hons & Prog). For details Click Here.
  3. Notification for online classes of the 3rd & 5th Semester students. For details Click Here.
  4. Notification for internal examination of 2nd SEM & 4th SEM (Hons, Program, General Elective) Students. For details Click Here.
  5. Notification for online classes of 3rd & 5th SEM (Hons.) on and from 27.08.2020. For details Click here.
  6. Notification for the online departmental meeting on 08.09.2020. For details Click Here.
  7. Notification for the 1st SEM online introductory session. For details Click Here.
  8. Routine for on-line classes/warm-up sessions on and from 25.09.2020. For details Click Here.
  9. Online Routine for 1st, 3rd & 5th SEM Students. Click Here.
  10. Online class routine for 3rd & 5th SEM 2021 Students. For the detailed routine Click Here.
  11. Online Class Routine for 1st SEM 2021 Students w.e.f 01.10.2021. For detailed routine Click Here.